Basketball Offenses

Basketball Offensive System
Teaching Players to Play Winning Basketball
By Brad Winters

We love to play up-tempo basketball. Our style of basketball offensive play is to run and attack! We push the ball up the court at every opportunity. As we push the ball up the court, we look to score - primary break to secondary break, secondary break to one of our set offenses.

One of our primary goals on offense is to play "team basketball." To us, playing team basketball is about not forcing shots, making the extra pass, and making good decisions with the ball... When five teammates are playing as one on the hardwood, basketball is a beautiful game to watch.

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Coach Brad Winters' son, Joshua Winters, earned first-team
all-state honors after leading his team to back-to-back state titles.
He averaged 21 ppg and 5 apg.... Awesome point guard!

Besides playing great team basketball, we stress ball sureness, catch-and-face, shot fakes, pass fakes, playing off the elbows with dribble penetration, draw-and-kick action, draw-and-kick out action, wise shot selection, crashing the boards, and getting offensive rebounds.

Basketball Offensive Skills
Teaching Basketball Offensive Fundamentals

Play smart! Understand and know what the coach is looking for.

Play unselfishly. Always pass to the open man and don't force shots.

Protect the basketball. Handle the ball with sureness. Avoid turnovers.

Make the safe and easy pass. Don't force passes. Every pass does not have to lead to a score.

Pass away from the defense. Always know where the defense is, and pass away from it. Use two-handed grip as a passer.

Play under control. Don't have your mind made up about what you want to do. Read the numbers and take what the defense gives you in an organized and controlled matter.

Be patient. Don't play fast! A good rule to remember is to hurry, but don't rush. It's not how fast you go, it's what you do.

Don't force shots! Pass the ball when you are well defended.

Dribble the basketball with your head up and see the court.

Dribble the basketball north and south. Offensive basketball players should look to attack the gaps in the defense. No wasted dribbles.

Always know the time and score.

Maintain proper spacing of 15 to 18 feet. Spacing is offense and offense is spacing. Keep the basketball offense high and wide. Perimeter offensive players should stay above the NBA three point line, except of course when executing cuts or screening opportunities.

Make passes. As a general rule, we want our offensive basketball team on the court to make three passes before attempting a shot, other than a lay-up opportunity.

Catch-and-face. In our half-court basketball offense sets, we want our players to catch and face the basket in a triple threat position. This basketball offense stance allows our players to see the whole court and read the defense.

Always look to go inside first, before shooting outside shots! Our first objective every time down the floor is to go inside. We like for our post to touch the ball before any shots are taken.

Use a jump-stop in the post area. Keep the ball under chin, with elbows out.

Always look to dribble penetrate (slash) to the elbows. We love to play off the elbows offensively (jump shot, draw-and-kick, or kick-out).

Look to draw-and-kick. Anytime a weak-side defender rotates to stop ball, we look to pass to our open teammate. Use a bounce pass in the paint to hit the open teammate.

Get fouled! To win the big games, you must get to the free throw line, and then you must make them... Great players get to the foul line 7 to 8 times a game.

Communicate on all screens. Raise your weak hand to let the cutter know you're coming to screen for him. As you set the screen, call out your teammate's name.

Set tough, hard screens. Set your screen on the defender's numbers (headhunt). The screener should remain in a stationary position for a two count.

Always receive the screen late - Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait for the screener to jump stop and say your name before you begin your v-cut to get open.

Read the defense. Think before you move. Try to take advantage of what the defense gives you. Our cutter and screener must concentrate on their defender and not watch the ball. Cutters should always make their cuts away from their defender and "move with a purpose."

Move to be a great receiver! As a pass receiver, you must always step to the ball, show a hand-target, and call for the ball.

Backdoor cut when overplayed. When your defender has a foot and hand in the passing lane to deny you from catching the ball, change direction and cut behind the defender toward the basket with your lead hand up.

Fake a pass, to make a pass, and look to use a shot fake before you dribble.

Acknowledge (credit) the unselfish pass that leads to score. "Point to him," the assist guy. Let the fans know who made the play.

Crash the offensive boards. Players #3, #4, and #5 must crash the boards on every shot while players #1 and #2 sprint back to stop the fast break.

Rebound the offense. We want our shooter to always follow his shot with his hands up. Our other players (#3, #4, and #5) are responsible for weak-side rebounds. Most rebounds (75%) are grabbed on the weak-side of the basket. Players #1 and #2 hustle back to mid-court to stop our opponents fastbreak... No easy baskets!

Basketball Offense Shot Selection
Building Your Basketball Offense

We are big on wise shot selection. Basketball shot selection is the single most important factor in the development of successful basketball offense. We believe a poor shot is just as bad as a turnover. We want to do everything in our power not to force bad shots.

Basketball is not an equal opportunity game. Basketball shot selection will vary from player to player, from possession to possession, according to each player's ability to shoot the basketball.

Simple Basketball Offenses
Zone Offense, Man Offenses, & Delay Game Offense

We use five easy to learn, simple basketball offenses. Below is a brief description of each:

Basketball Zone Offense - We use a very innovative basketball shuffle offense to attack zone defenses. Our zone basketball offense is great for teaching players correct movements and reads for attacking zone defense.

Flex Offense - This pattern play basketball offense is simple to teach and offers us a second man-to-man offense for us to run if we need structure. The basketball Flex offense is an excellent offense for teaching young players good basketball fundamentals - footwook, setting screens, receiving screens, reading the defense, slipping screens, backdoor cuts, curl cuts, flare cuts, passing, etc.

UCLA High Post Offense - This is the basketball offensive alignment that was made famous by coach John Wooden at UCLA. We use this set and the 1-4 high set to run our different offensive basketball plays. Our offensive basketball system uses a variety of different offensive plays to strategically attack the defense during the course of the game.

Spread Offense - We love to use the four-corner basketball offense made famous by former North Carolina coach, Dean Smith. This delay game basketball offense is great for clock management, controlling game tempo, and closing a game out strong.

Blocker/ Mover Motion Offense - This easy to teach basketball offense was designed by Coach Dick Bennett. Over the years, we have had great success with this offense to attack man-to-man defenses. This free-lance basketball offense features great offensive basketball action like - dribble hand-offs, double screens, staggered screens, pick and roll, pick and pop, dribble penetration, kick-out passes for 3-point shots, and European 3's.

"We try to stress the little things because little things lead to big things." -- Coach Steve Alford
"They said you have to use your five best players but I found you win with the five who fit together the best." -- Coach Red Auerbach
"We teach offense 5-0/5-5 (whole method) and defense by part (1-1/3-3)." -- Coach Dick Bennett
"Defense can't guard two things in a row." -- Coach Chuck Daly
"Systems win! Believe in your system, and then sell it to your players." -- Coach Billy Donovan
"Basketball is sharing." -- Coach Phil Jackson
"Offense at Indiana is not equal opportunity. Those players who shoot best are going to shoot most. It is important that every player know his offensive limitations. It is also important that a player know who the best shooter is on the team. When a passer has the option of passing to two players, I expect him to get the ball to the best shooter. I continually stop practice and ask players who the best shooter is and I expect them to know. It is important that you get the ball to your best shooter." -- Coach Bobby Knight
"A basketball team is like the five fingers on your hand. If you can get them all together, you have a fist. That's how I want you to play." -- Coach Mike Krzyzewski
"To win the big games you must get to the Free Throw line, and then you must make them." -- Coach Rick Majerus
"In going for the last shot of the game most people wait too long to take the shot. Give yourself a chance to get the first shot and tap the ball in. Your players are normally inside the defense." -- Coach Norm Sloan
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