Basketball Player Tips for Being A Team Leader

Leadership Tips for Basketball Players
By Brad Winters

Leaders are generally the hardest workers on a team. They are the first to come to practice and the last ones to leave. During practice they lead by example, not by their words. Leaders know the team's goals, and know what needs to be accomplished. They realize that practice is the key to future victory.

Real leaders hate to lose more than they enjoy winning. They are always willing to pay a price. Their work ethic and their attitude becomes contagious. Leaders are individuals who know where they are going, and that is generally where the team wants to go: to the victory stand, the rest of the team will follow.

Being a leader is a tough and demanding job. Sometimes the pressure falls only on their shoulders. When you invest much, then there is a lot at stake. Most team leaders will tell you that the rewards are worth the risk. Any leader realizes that you can't do it alone - that is what team is all about.

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Qualities of a Basketball Team Leader

You firmly believe that the best interest of the team must always come first.

You will exchange blood, sweat, and tears for the benefit of the team.

You play and know, without a doubt, that you have competed like a champion.

You understand that basketball is a team sport.

You hustle and give everything you have got on defense.

You make mistakes and use them to improve instead of using them as excuses.

You do the little things right when no one is watching.

You give more than what is asked and take less than what is deserved.

You think you can, and you do.

You play without the option of defeat.

You are willing to dive on the floor after every loose ball.

You play with pain without creating a scene.

You encourage and cheer for your teammates when you are not in the game.

You are a "trail blazer" and not a follower.

You do not allow others to talk negatively about the team or individuals associated with the team.

You expect and demand the best from your teammates.

You take pride in keeping our facilities clean and neat.

You volunteer your time and energy for the betterment of the program, not asking "what's in it for me" or "how much money are you going to pay me."

Leadership - It's what separates the Winners from the Losers.

Qualities of a Basketball Team Captain

Does what's right

Controlled by values

Loyal to the bitter end

Looks for solutions

Perseveres when challenged

Relies on internal motivation

Words and actions agree


Choices add up to success

The Problem Basketball Player

Does what's easiest

Controlled by moods

Will betray or desert

Looks for excuses

Quits when challenged

Relies on external motivation

Words and actions don't match

Always tries to impress others by acting "Cool."

Choices lead to failure

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