Basketball Team Goals

Tips for Developing Goals for Your Basketball Program
By Brad Winters

Basketball team goals are very powerful! Team goals have the power to promote team unity, to create loyalty to the program and to the coach, to improve the intensity and quality of practices, and to create the mind-set that the team is bigger than any one individual.

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Josh Winters

Establishing and Setting Basketball Team Goals

Simply put, for programs to be successful over the long haul, the coach must set clear goals for himself and his team. These goals incorporate the coach's vision, his mission, and the foundation that his program is built on. Once written down, these goals will provide the coach and his team with a compass that points everyone involved with the program in the right direction. These goals also reveal the amount of hard work, time, and personal sacrifice everyone involved with the program must make in order for the team to achieve its dreams.

It is the coach's job to constantly sell these goals to his players and support group daily. Your ability to sell your vision (team goals) of where you wish your program to go, will eventually determine your success or failure as a coach.

Long-Term Basketball Team Goals

The best coaches make goals that are both long and short-term. Long-term goals give you something to shoot for. For example, "win the state championship."

Short-Term Basketball Team Goals

Short-term goals help you keep on track and allow you to experience success and build confidence as you work towards your long-term goal: "We will hold our opponents to 12 or fewer points per quarter." Short-term goals are the building blocks in which you build your program and what you emphasize every day in practice... This is what you plan to be good at.

Goal setting requires some thought and serious effort. Take time to plan your success journey today. You'll be glad you did!

High School Basketball Team Goals

Become the leaders of our school.

Be a positive witness in our community.

Be the hardest working team in the state, and specialize in playing great defense.

Hold our opponents to 12 or fewer points a quarter.

Average 72 points or more per game.

Shoot 70% or better from the free throw line.

Commit less than 10 turnovers per game.

Win the District Championship.

Make it back to the Cajun Dome (Top 28 Tournament).

Win the State Championship.

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