Becoming A Great Basketball Shooter

The Mental Approach To Shooting A Basketball

Some years ago, Coach Don Meyer put out 30 page booklet titled, "Becoming A Great Shooter." It is a simple fundamental basketball shooting book geared towards the basketball player and not the coach. It talks about the mental approach to shooting, the fundamentals of shooting, and then breaks the shot down into free throws, lay-ups and three-pointers. It finishes talking about the progression of the basketball shot and the methodology of practicing basketball shooting. It is a great booklet for young basketball players in the formative stages of their shooting. Here is just a little from the booklet.

Before you can begin working on the physical basketball fundamentals of shooting, you must lay the proper mental foundation. You must remember the following in working to develop your basketball shooting skills through mental preparation.

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Readiness to Learn

The first thing is, you have to be ready to learn. Good basketball shooters can take constructive criticism...great shooters can take constructive criticism and learn.

Coaches will not be able to improve your basketball shooting skills until you are willing to give 100% attention to learn instruction.

Listen, Watch, & Learn.

Mental Attitude

Picture yourself as a success and there is no way you will fail. It is essnetial that you know that your basketball coach believes in you, but most importantly, that you believe in yourself...proper basketball practice habits and mental toughness to do things right will help you develop the personal confidence that great basketball shooters display.

Shot Selection

Each player should deterimine his shooting range and take only open shots within his shooting range. Players need to know what a good shot is and when to take the open shot. Bad shots are just as bad as turnovers, and are comonly called forces shots. Smart basketball shooters realize when they are open and never force shots when a defender has a hand in their face.

Adapt Verses Adopt

Many young basketball players try to copy high scoring NBA pro stars. This can be a problem if you take an incorrect fundamental from a NBA pro's style and use it in your own basketball shooting style. Complete adoption of someone else's style of shooting is not the answer to long term success. Solid basketball shooting fundamentals and development of sound shooting habits while you are young are the foundation of a great shooting style.

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