Simple Basketball Plays

Offensive Basketball Plays
Simple to Run, Easy to Teach, Offensive Basketball Plays
By Brad Winters

Here is a simple high school basketball play that we have used for years with great success. It is one of our team's best man-to-man basketball offensive plays. Although it is very simple, it produces great results!

This basketball offensive play utilizes some powerful screening action to create some outstanding scoring opportunities. It can be run from a variety of different offensive sets, and used in a variety of different game situations (side out-of-bounds play and under out-of-bounds play).

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Basketball Play - "Cross"

This is one of our "bread-and-butter" offensive basketball plays... Teams that play lazy defense can not stop this action.

How does this offensive basketball play start? Player #1 passes to #3 and splits off the high post with #2. Player #2 cuts to the ball-side block as #4 flashes high to reverse the ball. Player #3 can make the pass to #2 on the cut if he is open.

If the cutter is not open, player #3 reverses the ball to #4. Player #1 cuts to the wing and receives the pass from #4.

As #1 receives the pass from #4, player #3 cuts off a back-screen by #2 looking for the pass from #1. If #3 is open, player #1 passes him the ball for an easy basket... This option is usually available against teams that like to extend their defense while trying to force turnovers.

After passing the ball to #1, players #4 and #5 move to set a staggered double-down screen for #2. Player #2 waits for #3 to go shoulder-to-shoulder with him, and then rips high going shoulder-to-shoulder with players #4 and #5. If screens are set correctly, player #2 will be wide open for the 3-pt. shot at the top of the key.

Basketball Set Play Into Motion Offense

Player #1 must read the defense and make the safe pass. If nothing is open, we then move directly into our Blocker Mover Motion offense.

Basketball Inbounds Play

In conclusion, Cross is a great basketball play! We like Cross so much that we have designed sets so that we can run this action as a under out-of-bounds play, and as a side out-of-bounds play. The screen-the-screener action really works.

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"Our offensive philosophy is to simply find a way to get the ball into the hands of our team's best player." -- Coach Kelvin Sampson
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