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Ladies Clarks Flip Flops Sandal

Buy cheap flip flops on clearance. The Spa clearance Clarks thongs make the perfect ladies leather flip flops. The cheap Clarks flip flops for ladies have a leather footbed, a leather upper, and a TPR outsole. Colors for the clearance flip flops sandals include: Black, Brown, Gold, Red, Silver, and White. Other Clarks cheap thong sandals on sale include the Solon Joy - Clarks leather flipflop sandals, the Coral Sand - Clarks ladies flipflops, and the Salon Glee - Clarks flipflops. The lady Clarks flip flop sandals range is sizes from size 5 to size 12.

FYI Definitions:

Leather Thongs - Sandal with a leather strap that rest between the second toe and the big toe (i.e. Clarks leather thong sandal).

Cemented Construction - bonding the sole of the upper by means of a cement, usually heat and pressure activated.

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