Ladies Flat Boots Sale

Ladies Doc Martens Black Leather Flat Boots

Buy cheap flat boots on clearance. The 1460 clearance Doc Martens make the perfect ladies leather flat boot. The cheap Doc Martens on clearance have a soft leather upper, a trendy heel pull loop, a 8-eye flat lace up front, a Doc Dr Martens classic yellow stitching, and a Doc Marten flat heel. Colors for the ladies Doc Martens on sale: Yellow, White, Pink, Green, and Black. Other clearance flat boots for sale include the round toe 1914 - DocMartens flatboots, the black patent leather 9733 - Doc Martins boots, and the tall knee high 1B60 - Doc's shoes. The flat lace up boots range is sizes from Doc size 5 to Doc size 12.

FYI Definitions:

Smooth Leather - Any animal leather that is smooth on the surface and is without a noticeable grain.

Lace Up - Any footwear fastened by lacing a stripe of string through eyelets to adjust its girth.

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