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Shopping for Cheap Black Boots for Women

Women's Merrell Boots Sale

Merrell boots celebrates a fun and active lifestyle! Known for their exclusive materials and fine leathers, Merrell boots are for the young and old who value quality, stylish black leather boots. With so many styles, Merrell women's waterproof boots are guaranteed to be perfect for any adventure. Merrell Boots - For all the places you'll go. Popular black Merrell women's boots on sale: 1) Merrell Women's Tetra Strap Waterproof Boots, 2) Merrell Women's Wilderness Remix Boots, 3) Merrell Women's Winterbelle Peak Waterproof Snow Boots, 4) Merrell Women's Tetra Catch Waterproof Casual Boots, and 5) Merrell Women's Angelic Peak Waterproof Casual Boots. Besides black Merrell boots for women, we also have discount cheap boot bargains on Dingo boots and Emu boots.

Featured Fashionable Merrell Footwear On Sale

Ladies Black Boots - Merrell Boots On Sale

The Tetra Strap Waterproof sexy women's Merrell black leather boots have a dominating design that is appropriately matched by a platform heel. High-cut upper combines waterproof leather with Lycra®/neoprene panels for a conforming fit that doesn't compromise accessibility. Properly technical underpinnings include an injection molded support, Clarino"! -wrapped EVA midsole with Merrell Air Cushion and female specific Q-Form"! foot alignment. Insulated Polatec lining for added warmth.

FYI Definitions:

Lycra/Neoprene - A blend of stretch fabric and neoprene rubber, ideal for a waterproof and sporty soft lining.

Water Resistant Leather - Leather resistant to the penetration of water, usually chrome tanned or combination tanned, originally heavily greased but nowadays other water repelling agents may be used.

Platform - An extra component inserted between the insole and the outsole to add height to the wearer, or to give a chunky look to shoe design. The heel height has to be increased to accommodate the extra height. Platforms are made of various plastics, cork grain or even wood. In some cases they are moulded in one piece with outsole and heel.

E.V.A. (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) - A soft, cellular foam material known for its lightweight, flexible and cushioning properties.

Patent Leather - Leather (i.e. black leather) which has been given a shiny finish. Originally this was applied by a linseed oil based dressing, but it is now usually plastic. Note that a patent finish can be applied to leathers of widely differing qualities, so that it can vary from light and supple to heavy and rigid.

Customer Reviews of Merrell Womens Boots Black

Saturday, October 18th - Merrell Black Leather Boots Are Unbelievable
Reviewer: Cathy Rai from Muskogee, Oklahoma

To make ends meet, I'm employed as a public utility engineer, but on the weekends I'm a marathon runner. For my hobby, I bought a pair of economical cheap Puma sneakers and a pair of size 8.5 Merrell black leather boots on sale. Simply put, great footwear buys.

Wednesday, April 2nd - Stylish Women Boots Sale
Reviewer: Tara Dufour from Beverly, Massachusetts

I was shopping on the internet trying to find the best black casual boots discounted. I decided to take advantage of your store's April Sale, and I bought the fabulous Merrell size 8 black leather boots on sale. I'm very happy with your discount Merill sale.

Wednesday, September 9th - Ladies Leather Boots Black
Reviewer: Aida Millar from Hammond, Indiana

My honney and I go to all the Clemson Tigers home football games. To make sure we both look are best, I bought him a pair of gortex waterproof hiking boots and I got the Mirrill ladies black boots on sale. Go Tigers!

Sunday, October 23rd - Women Leather Black Boots Are Awesome
Reviewer: Alicia Strader from Pacifica, California

I'm an instructor at Mount Aloysius College. I purchased a pair of the clearance climbing shoes, and I also got the cheap leather boots by Merrell on sale... They are both very nice.

Saturday, January 20th - Sale Black Leather Boots Waterproof
Reviewer: Abigail Menda from Bloomington, Illinois

To make money, I work as a beautician. But I wish, I could be a full-time quail hunter. I need hard to find narrow black leather women boot. Your online Merrellboot store is great! I bought the blackboots Merrell Tetra Strap Waterproof in size 7 and they fit and look awesome.

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